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The world is not what you've been led to believe…


There exists another world hidden within our own. One in which the supernatural is common. Where dragons rule over corporations, and bugbears work as bouncers. Where vampires stalk the streets at night, and demons rise from the darkest depths. For most people this world remains enshrouded in shadow and mystery. They see the bugbears as oversized men, and the dragons as charismatic CEOs. These "norms" cannot comprehend what is really out there. And so their minds trick themselves into perceiving only the humdrum and average.

But you're far from normal, aren't you?

You have the rare ability to see the world for what it truly is. You've awakened to the world as it really exists. And that makes you valuable. As such, you've been enlisted by the mysterious Illuminati—a shadowy organization created to keep the norms safe from incursions of the supernatural variety. And so your story begins…

Home Page

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